Workshops & webinars

WORM is developing a series of workshops and webinars to share knowledge produced within the project with a wider audience

Find here all our latest and upcoming workshops and webinars organised as part of the WORM project!


Past workshops: 

  • WORM session during HNPW – 8 May 2024, Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Co-design workshop on sustainability criteria – 25 June 2024, Online

Next workshops: 

  • Industry engagement workshops – WORM symposium incl. Validating Business Model Innovation and Plug-and-Play Frameworks for WM Providers in Humanitarian Aid Operations – 8 October 2024, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
  • Joint workshop with Bio4HUMAN – November 2024
  • Workshop on the dangers of incinerating mixed waste – June 2025
  • Validation workshop with end users for the CLDs – Mid-2025

Past webinar: 

Next webinar:

  • Procurement catalogue presentation – End November/early December 2024, Online
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